AE Effects Notes

Notes/memos regarding Adobe After Effects quirks


The effects that even precomped work in the parent composition dimensions

Eternal bugs

AE tonemapper

Gaussian Blur

Creates ugly negative values outlines when working in 32 bits. But generally is much better than the Legacy Gaussian, which also lacks Repeat Edge Pixels function. Fucking frustrating!
My attempt to match the Legacy Gaussian with Fast Box Blur (3 iterations)

Gaussian Legacy Fast Box Blur 3 iter x
5 1.9 2.6316
4 1.5 2.6667
3 1.1 2.7273
2 0.4 5.0000
1 0.12 8.3333
type: line
labels: [1,2,3,4,5]
  - title: Fast Box
    data: [.12,.42,1.1,1.5,1.9]
tension: 0.2
width: 50%
labelColors: true
fill: true
beginAtZero: true


with no 3rd party plugins

A way to get the same result as the Knoll Unmult plug-in using the effects built into After Effects is:

Alpha channel

Track mattes and plug-ins such as Set Matte assume that the alpha channel type is straight.

Camera Raw for any sequence

File open dialogue

  1. Select Camera Raw in the file filter list
  2. Select back All Files filter, now you can select the Format from the list