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Geo is equal to the ZBrush's tool here

Detail and color projection

Subtool -> Project

The visible geo is being projected onto hidden geo (but it seems to have been selected though)
Afaik I can only project the polypaint colour data (not directly into the texture), so it's required to be sure there's enough mesh resolution on the recipient model so the resulting texture is not blurred by reprojecting on the lower resolution mesh. Simply subdivide the remeshed object a few times to keep up to the original polypainted geo.


Geomtery -> ZRemesher

Make a copy of the tool before remeshing and then remesh it instead
Automatic ZRemeshing is ok. But to get the edges around the mesh features it requires defining some seams.
I still do not understand the target polycount option now being in percents (?), I seem to get the same density
The legacy 2018 remesher can be better for more organic models, and the newer one for hardsurface models.
After remeshing do Geometry - > Mesh Integrity -> Check + Fix


Zplugin -> UVMaster

Unwrap at the lowest subdiv level
Before unwrapping do Geometry - > Mesh Integrity -> Check + Fix
Define the seams if the model is aimed for the close ups and you need a human readable (editable) result
In the end do the Copy UV and then select the geo and push Paste UV


Texture from polypaint

After you have the UV created, and the source model is polypainted: Texture Map -> Create -> New from Polypaint
To export the texture: Texture Map -> Create -> Clone Txtr, it will be places into the current texture slot, the save it
But it must be vertically flipped before that with the VH Flip button

Extracting details into maps

High frequency data (div level difference?) to the normal or displacement map
The model must have UVs and some subdiv levels to do that
Set the current subdivs to the lower value that is equal to the output mesh resolution.
Now simply do Normal Map -> Create normal map, ZBrush will calculate it from the difference of the current subdiv level with the highest the geo has.
Now click Clone NM and the texture will be cloned into the texture slot to be exported

Can't paint on polypaint?

Its mainly because the texture on the geo is on, even if I disable it, it sometimes stay assigned and does not let paint


Import an image into a texture slot.
Import to Spotlight button right below the texture slot
Spotlight on of toggle hotkey: Shift + Z
Spotlight paint toggle hotkey: Z