Network Diagnostics and Tools

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NETSTAT [-a] [-b] [-e] [-f] [-n] [-o] [-p proto] [-r] [-s] [-t] [-x] [-y] [interval]
Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP network connections.

netstat -? for the entire list of options

netstat –aon
-a = all connections and listening ports
-o = owning process ID (PID) associated with each connection.
-n = addresses and port numbers in numerical form.

or (with admin elevation)
netstat –bon
-b = Displays the executable involved in creating each connection or listening port. In some cases well-known executables host multiple independent components, and in these cases the sequence of components involved in creating the connection or listening port is displayed. In this case the executable name is in [] at the bottom, on top is the component it called, and so forth until TCP/IP was reached. Can be time consuming and requires elevation.


ipconfig [/allcompartments] [/? | /all |
	/renew [adapter] | /release [adapter] |
	/renew6 [adapter] | /release6 [adapter] |
	/flushdns | /displaydns | /registerdns |
	/setclassid adapter [classid] |
	/showclassid6 adapter |
	/setclassid6 adapter [classid] ]

ipconfig /flushdns
flushes dns

ipconfig -? for the entire list of options


netsh [-a AliasFile] [-c Context] [-r RemoteMachine] [-u [DomainName\]UserName] [-p Password | *] [Command | -f ScriptFile]