SideFX Houdini

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Houdini is a 3D animation software application developed by Toronto-based SideFX, who adapted it from the PRISMS suite of procedural generation software tools. The procedural tools are used to produce different effects such as complex reflections, animations and particles system. Some of its procedural features have been in existence since 1987.

Houdini is most commonly used for the creation of visual effects in film and games. It is used by major VFX companies such as Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Double Negative, ILM, MPC, Framestore, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Method Studios and The Mill.

It has been used in many feature animation productions, including Disney's feature films Fantasia 2000, Frozen, and Zootopia; the Blue Sky Studios film Rio, and DNA Productions' Ant Bully.

SideFX also publishes Houdini Apprentice, a limited version of the software that is free of charge for non-commercial use.



Houdini's operator-based structure is divided into several main groups: