OD Tools Sink

Plugin extension fro SideFX Houdini #note/sink
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Multi PBR tokens

Token Strings
color albedo. _albedo _color _clr _basecolor _col _diffuse _diff. _diff_
roughness _rough _rgh _gloss _glss
normal _norm _normal _n. _nrm. _nrm_
disp _disp _dsp. _dis. _hgt _height
sss _sss_ _subsur
emission _emission _luminosity glow
opacity _opacity _trans _alpha _mask _sprite
specular _spec _refl
metal _met
bump _bump _bmp
cavity cavity
translucency translucency
ao ao ambientocclusion ambient_occlusion
refraction refraction refr


The best and fastest way is to simply unzip and overwrite the original install. This will ensure that previous preferences will be saved. It is generally safe to do so, and preferred, unless otherwise stated in the changelog - which has not been the case so far.

Should you want to completely replace your installation, it is important to keep a copy of your config files & also thumbnails for your library (in case you using the default folder for the thumbnails) so that you don’t loose that data. That data currently resides in multiple folders.