Cinema 4D hotkeys

Maxon Cinema 4D

My custom keys

Alt W Slide
Alt Q Stitch and Sew
Ctrl Q Weld
Ctrl \ Timeline Curves
\ Timeline Dope
Alt \ New Timeline (2)
Tab Set Selection
Ctrl ; Select All Children
U~V Generate UVW Coordinates
+num Apply material
1 Model mode
2 Points mode
3 Edges mode
4 Polygons Mode
5 Texture Mode
6 Workplane Mode
Alt E Edge To Spline
Alt T Set Parent
Ctrl Shift T Uparent

Redshift and custom

Ctrl Space Shader graph
Ctrl Shift R Render View
Ctrl Alt N New Redshift Material / New Texture Node
Ctrl Alt C Connect node to Output
Ctrl Alt V Connect node to Preview
Ctrl Alt L Lock IPR Camera
Ctrl Alt M Asset Manager
Ctrl Alt X Stop Render View
Ctrl Alt T Take IPR Snapshot

Control (defaults)

E R T move, rotate, scale object
1 2 3 move, rotate, zoom camera
4 5 6 move, scale, rotate object
7 move selected object only and not its children
G or F move frame by frame
Shift G or F jump to the beginning or end of the timeline
Space switch between current tool and previous tool
Alt B Make Preview
L Toggle Axis modification
Ctrl E Browser prefs
Ctrl B Render settings
Ctrl R render viewport
Alt R interactive render region
Ctrl Shift R team render
Ctrl U filter toggle
Shift F10 console
Shift Q quantizing
Ctrl Shift Tab Full screen (group windows preffered)
Ctrl Tab Full screen
V or MX1 General popup menu
O goto current frame
Alt G group objects
Shift N object manager
Ins set camera pivot to current cursor
S Snap popup menu
Q toggle parent generator of selection


Ctrl Tab over any screen to bring it to fullscreen
Ctrl Shift Z Undo camera movements
H frame all
Alt D show axis
Alt H frame current geometry/preview range
O frame selected
S frame selected
F5 all views
N~P backface culling
Shift Or Alt V configure current/all views
N~A or B Gouraud Shading, Gouraud Shading with wireframe
N~C or D Quick Shading, Quick Shading with wireframe
N~E Constant Shading
N~F Hidden Line mode with wireframe
N~H or I,K,L Wireframe, isoparams, Box, Skeleton
N~R x-ray toggle
N~O use tags
N~Q use texture


F9 record position, scale, rotation and PLA active objects
Ctrl F9 auto keyframing
Q create new key
Shift Tab change key / f-curve / motion mode
\ show f-curves
Ctrl \ Timeline F-Curve 2?


G select area
0 rectangle selection
8 lasso selection
9 live selection
Ctrl Shift A deselect all
U~F select all polys within edge selection
U~I invert selection of active mode
Shift A invert selection
U~L select loop of elements
U~B select ring of elements
U~Q select outline of poly selection
U~M path selection
U~N phong break selection
U~W select connected
U~K shrink selection
U~Y grow selection
U~U quadrify
N jump to the next selection
Shift N jump to the last selection


1 points mode
2 edges mode
3 poly mode
4 model mode
5 object mode
6 UV mode
C make editable
Enter toggle between Point mode, Edge mode, or Polygon mode
W world/object coordinates
Q to toggle the selected objects HyperNURBS on and off
U~C collapse selected
U~X convert selection
U~D disconnect selection
U~Z melt
U~O optimize
U~P split selection
U~T n-gon triangulation
U~E remove n-gons
U~G retriangulate n-gons
U~T n-gon triangulation
U~E remove n-gons
U~G retriangulate n-gons
M~T or D extrude tool
M~W or I extrude inner
M~X matrix extrude
M~S bevel tool
M~D close poly hole (cap)
M~E poly pen
M~G iron tool
M~K or K knife tool
M~H mirror selection
M~I magnet
M~L set point value
M~O slide points/edges
M~Q weld points of elements
M~R weight subdivision surface
M~Y smooth shift tool
U~A align selected normals
U~R reverse selected normals
M~Z normal move
M~, normal rotate
M~# normal scale
M~P stitch/sew element
M~B or B bridge tool
M~C brush tool
[ < brush size -
] > brush size +
Shift [ < brush hardness -
Shift ] > brush hardness +
Ctrl [ < brush pressure -
Ctrl ] > brush pressure +
Alt X connect points/edges
Alt A isoline editing
Shift M modelling settings (in attribute)