Scientific Plugins and Toolsets for Houdini

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Yt/Houdini for Astrophysical Visualization

(Works best on Anaconda/Python as well as on a Linux or MaxOS computer...Otherwise...good luck lol)

Github yt Permissively-licensed Python library for analyzing and visualizing volumetric data
yt Extensions
Article Houdini for Astrophysical Visualization
Video VIS 2020: Scientific Visualization in Houdini
Video Scientific Visualization in Houdini

Data Visualization in Houdini

Video Data visualization in Houdini
Github Junichiro Horikawa files
Github Stokes Variational Micro-Solver Plugin DOP
Github Andrew Lowell Musical Toolset
Github Houdini additional Python documentation
Github Architecture Assets (Houdarcs)
Github Matrix Library
Github Compute Tangents SOP
Github BubbleH
Github Anisotropy Matrix SOP node
Github Anisotropic Kernels SOP
Github CC-Fractal-Suite
Github Junichiro Horikawa Lecture Files
Github FLAM3 for SideFX
Github Auto Skeleton Tools for Houdini (DNEG helped with this, and it looks pretty cool)
Github Physical Simulations
Github Medical-Toolset
Github MLHoudiniSamples
Github Debugging Python in VFX Applications
Github USGS EarthquakeDataVis
Github VFX Fractal Toolkit
Github CHOPs Create Motion Library
Github Python for Houdini**