KineFX Sink

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Character, Motion, Motion Clip

Typical character anim with motion clips animation setup

fbx character import
fbx animation import 1
fbx animation import 2
fbx animation import 3
motion clip 1
motion clip 2
motion clip 3
bone deform
motion clip sequence 1
motion clip sequence 2
motion clip cycle
motion clip evaluate
OUT Anim
OUT Rest


Typical rigging

File (geo)
OUT Geo Rest
OUT Sceleton Rest
bone capture lines
tet conform
bone capture biharmonic
OUT Rest Bound
capture layer paint
bone deform


Mechanical rigging

Rigging a hydraulic piston

Rigging a hydraulic piston
0:00 Intro
0:40 Scene Overview
2:07 Geometry Setup
3:38 Skeleton Setup
6:38 Skinning Setup
7:56 Attach Controls Visualization
9:17 Animation - Rig Pose
10:05 Constraints Setup
14:35 Connect Rig Pose to Nulls in Object Level
15:44 and the Problem with this Method
17:50 Final Thoughts

Character rigging

KineFX Tips and Tricks by Mihnea Stoica

KineFX Tips and Tricks by Mihnea Stoica
Victory panel
Procedural orientation
Custom forces
Presolved post-solve
Blend shape authoring
Blend shape animation
X Form attribute
Procedural capture
Separate meshes
Change mesh resolution
Transfer captures
Attribute data IDs
Time dependent streaming
Motion clips
Motion clip evaluate


Character setup
Second animation
Secondary modtion

KineFX Masterclass

KineFX Masterclass | Houdini Illume | Jeff Wagner
00:00 Introduction to KineFX
03:12 First go at KineFX intro with Erik discussion
05:35 Content Library and getting the correct Erik rig Antennae Vellum setup
06:43 Mixamo web site fetch the motion files
07:59 Carnegie Mellon Motion Library and nod to Luca's tutorials to download with TOPs and apply to rigs
08:59 Applying Thriller Mixamo Motion to Erik rig setup
11:39 Adding Bone Deform SOP
12:33 Look at Rig Match Pose and Map Points to retarget motion to rig
14:07 Full Body IK covered
15:47 Fetch the Thriller Mixamo motion and apply it to Erik
17:19 Motion Clips used to work with motion, and mixing thriller and nervous motion
25:35 Copying multiple dancing Eriks using copy to points
27:47 Recap of motion retarget with download links
28:09 Recommended links to video tutorials on KineFX Motion Retargeting
29:55 Working with Joints and Skeletons intro
32:52 Turning add SOP to a KineFX locator joint
36:58 Using Add SOP to take three locators and add primitive joints
37:53 Build out a rig using Reparent Joints, IK Chains, and Rig Pose SOPs
46:07 Using the custom locator HDA to quickly build out joints
51:48 Rigging an l-system tree with KineFX and full body IK
59:45 Rigging Flippy the Rubber toy with Skeleton SOP and the Rig Tree pane
1:07:40 Mirroring the rig using Skeleton Mirror SOP
1:10:37 Improving a Character Rig from an excellent Parker Coleman rigging tutorial
1:21:37 Using the Construction plane technique to orient joints for good rig setup
1:30:10 Another look at the FullBody IK SOP and locator pose rig setup
1:31:10 Rigging up the jaw and painting capture region weights
1:24:17 Fixing and rigging the hand to close with rig pose sop
1:39:53 Rigging the hand with Rig Pose
1:45:54 Introduction to Contraints in KineFX
1:47:41 Building a LookAt constraint in Rig Attribute VOP
2:02:20 Building a 4 joint IK t-rex leg constraint in Rig Attribute VOP

KineFX Secondary Motion

KineFX Secondary Motion


Animation Cleanup Tools KineFX

Animation Cleanup Tools
00:01:19 Overview
00:02:30 Realistic Shoulder Node
00:02:25 Reverse Foot Node
00:16:23 Stabilize Joint Node
00:29:59 Adapt to Terrain Node
00:40:24 Collide Geometry Node:


KineFX for Games


KineFX Crowds
0:00:43 Intro
0:01:42 Motionclip basics
0:13:49 Blending Clips
0:22:29 Agent Promotion