Houdini hotkeys

· Houdini MOC ·


1 Object mode
2 Points
3 Edges
4 Primitives
5 Vertices (UV)
7 Dynamics select
9 Select Groups toggle
Enter / J Handle Mode
/ * Scale the handle down up
' Attach / Detach handle to geometry
E Scale
R Rotate
T Transpose (Move)
Y Cycle trough E R T
I Camera navigation


MMB Select Edges loop
A All objects
N None objects
Ctrl I Invert objects selection
Ctrl A All nodes
F2 Box selection mode
F3 Lasso selection mode
F4 Brush selection mode
F5 Laser selection mode
Shift V Select only visible toggle
Shift C Select only full contained geo toggle
~ Secure selection
S (+holding) Selection mode
M Cycle through axis alignment modes


Alt [ Split the pane vertically
Alt ] Split the pane horizontally


Space +holding View tool (+temporary)
Space 1 Perspective
Space 2 Top
Space 3 Front / Back
Space 4 Right / Left
Space 5 UV
Ctrl 1 Single View
Ctrl 2 2 views side-by-side
Ctrl 3 3 views
Ctrl 4 4 views
Space B Expand current view
Space Y Toggle between and local geometry context
W Wireframe
Shift W +wireframe
V View radial menu
Ctrl 6-9 [View tool] Save quick view 1-4
6-9 [View tool] Quick view 1-4
Space G Center the view on all selected objects/geometry
Space Z Center view tumbling on the point under the cursor
D Display options
Space H Home: center the view to show all objects/geometry
, Move to the left sibling
. Move to the right sibling

Snapping and Alignment

X Snapping radial menu
Ctrl Shift J Mutli Snap Settings
Ins Pivot Mode
; Align state
/ (+holding) Construction Plane alignment

Network Editor

Alt -> Browse forward
Alt <- Browse back
Enter Enter current node
Shift W Show tree view
R Toggle node display flag
I Toggle node selectable flag
Q/B Toggle node bypass
Y (holding) Node connection scissors mode
Ctrl Alt Drag Copy node and all after
Ctrl Shift Drag Copy node and all before
Alt Ctrl Shift Drag Copy nodes as references
L Layout nodes
Shift L Layout selected nodes
A Drag Layout nodes after/before selected to the direction of mouse drag
Shift R Switch/cycle node inputs order
Ctrl Drag Move all nodes after selected
Shift Drag Move all nodes before selected
C Node colour palette
Z Node shape palette
Shift O Network box selected nodes
Shift J / K Minimise / maximise selected network boxes
Shift M Auto resize network boxes
Shift P New sticky note
Ctrl 1 - 5 Create quickmark
1 - 5 Recall quickmark
~ Toggle between the recent quickmarks
Alt Shift K Create bookmark
Alt B Edit Bookmarks
O Network Overview
Ctrl I Edit image mode